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rules rules rules .

i’ve never taken out garbage bins in my life, so it kind of surprised me when an old man knocked on our door and told me the council would fine us unless we arranged the bins in a specific way and piled everything inside. the idea seemed rather proposterous to me; i mean, what if we just have a lot of rubbish? how am i supposed to know how the council likes their bins to be arranged?

what surprised me more was when i went back to the bins, they became neatly aligned against the opposite wall, not where i placed them at all.

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what’s hot .

i think youtube needs to reconsider the approach of its recommended viewing section; in addition to recommending the same thing over and over again, i find that some people may become offended if they were recommended particularly dumb videos that are a waste of streaming even if you had unlimited download usage, such as miley cyrus’ clip for party in the usa.

yes, this did happen to me. i don’t remember what brought it on, but i have to say, it wasn’t very pleasant. especially as they have made it seem like it’s taylored to your specific needs: these videos are recommended for you because you watched blah, blah, blah. that makes the insult personal.

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suck it up .

i checked through my junk mail today because it was at some ridiculously high number, and i found that i’ve been receiving emails from sexy russian ladies that want to meet me and addresses like jessica007 who want to sell me viagra.

i don’t really know how these people got my email, or how they figured i’d like to meet sexy russian ladies, but i really don’t think i’m ready for a mail order bride just yet. i’m also relatively sure that i haven’t subscribed to ican’ so the whole thing is rather puzzling. it’s pretty stupid, really. i can’t imagine how anyone would be stupid enough to meet sexy russian ladies off spam emails in their inboxes, or purchase viagra cheaply via the internet. because that’s really going to be good for your health.

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bricks .

today, at work, i met a woman who left her husband and children for another woman. she would have been in her mid fourites, not working, newly married (in some country other than australia i presume), pretty damn carefree and, especially, very much in love.

even though she was a rather strange character and kept asking very stupid questions, the amount of happiness flowing off her was unmistakable. she and her partner were married, and she often emphasised how ecstatic her partner would be, as if they were just two halves of a whole.

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progeniture .

you know what’s worse than children? stupid children. the ones that ask the same stupid questions over and over again and can’t get anything through their heads. they whine and complain and question and it’s endless because the idea that they’re pissing people off never occurs to them, and neither does understanding of anything whatsoever. it gets to the point that everyone on the bus just wants to tell the kid to shut up, and the parents to shut it up. preferrably in a cage somewhere.

and then they cry.

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multiple choice .

economics is a ridiculous subject. i know this because i’m doing a practice exam and it’s repeatedly asking me questions like this:

which of the following workers is the least likely to lose their job in a recession?

a. a carpenter

b. a car assembly line worker

c. a roofer

d. a kindergarten teacher

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divide .

just returned from our monthly work meeting, feeling exhausted. still need to do some uni work, but blackboard, the online website we use for resources, is being powered by a quadraplegic on a bicycle.

oh that wasn’t very nice at all.

i want to drop economics already because i don’t understand it and it seems that i don’t really care that i don’t understand it, which is always a bad thing. that , coupled with the fact that i’ve only been to half a lecture and slept for most of it, amounts to me being completely clueless. i did find out that my lecturer’s name is nigel though, which is so fitting it makes me chuckle to myself. isn’t it amazing when things just make so much sense?

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