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dizzy .

head hurts. feet hurt. ears are ringing. they tell me its the bells that are singing. but i know that the world doesn’t sing anymore.

tomorrow. a new day. a ballad. does the numbness stay. apparently its all about what has happened before.

i can’t think. i can’t swear. i can’t remember, from when. where. came all this despair. and then i wonder what the despair is for.

all i want. is for the world. for the world. to make sense. because i can’t seem to tell anymore.

and in the end. it happens when. you least expect to find…

a rhyme…

a rhyme…


mister bass .

i registered myself¬†on the do not call list today after having received an amount of telemarketing calls last week. the funny thing is that i don’t actually have a home phone, so these calls were made to my mobile. i always thought that wasn’t legal, and since they weren’t a charity or anything i couldn’t figure it out.

i don’t really understand the idea of the do not call register. i mean, i do; people are annoyed at telemarketers and would like to stop getting calls. people are whiney. people are demanding. people are pissed off. people think they have a right to “peace” whatever the fuck their definition of it may be. Continue reading

ever wonder …

# why we look better with clothes on?

# whether you eat to become fat or become fat to eat?

# if the person that’s checking you out is actually wondering if you’re a guy or a girl?

# when you forget, if it’s a choice or a coincidence?

# why you have ten toes?

# how god counts the time that passes by?

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the dialectic .

got a little too up close and personal with the toilet bowl last night. if it had been able to reciprocate- if it wasn’t just me spilling my guts out to it- we could have been best friends forever. fortunately, or unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

been watching a couple of rather political films lately; it seems that hollywood suddenly had a trend involving iraq and directors are borrowing each others’ tanks to star in the quest of who-can-make-the-most-shocking-film.

the answer is no one, because all of the films are very predictable.

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smile .

shutter island was just… mesmerising. captivating. mind blowing. it’s the best film i’ve seen since… since anything in my top ten or so. i love, love, loved it. didn’t even love leo that much (haven’t really since titanic and romeo), and mark ruffalo has always been a bit of a douche. the hard boiled stuff was a tiny bit overdone and there was a lot of gruesome scenes. but the film was awesome.

it wormed its way straight into top ten.

i love it when at the end something happens and everything gets pieced together. as if the world makes sense. even if it’s in a very fucked up way.

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advert .

there is a huge trail of mosquito bites down both my legs. it looks like i have some kind of disease. fuck. why don’t i ever learn from my mistakes.

i think i might be allergic because all the bites are swollen and red, so i bought this cream but it doesn’t work very well. i guess it serves me right for sitting near vegetation in unholy hours of the night.

so, in other matters, i just need to take this moment to say that internet advertising does nothing for me. i mean, honestly, all those “win an ipod” things and half naked women really don’t trigger any desire for me to click.

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let`s race .

went to my first media lecture at university today. they played that stupid lamb commercial that gets aired every australia day and we discussed it afterwards which was really awkward because the white majority were attempting not to be racist and the asian minority were attempting not to notice.

not that it offends me, but it’s pretty funny watching white people try so hard to be politically correct while it doesn’t really matter what the rest of us say. because anything they say can be interpreted as white supremacist and anything we say is just a joke.

this also coincides with the discussions of clubs that are formed at university.

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