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i think youtube needs to reconsider the approach of its recommended viewing section; in addition to recommending the same thing over and over again, i find that some people may become offended if they were recommended particularly dumb videos that are a waste of streaming even if you had unlimited download usage, such as miley cyrus’ clip for party in the usa.

yes, this did happen to me. i don’t remember what brought it on, but i have to say, it wasn’t very pleasant. especially as they have made it seem like it’s taylored to your specific needs: these videos are recommended for you because you watched blah, blah, blah. that makes the insult personal.

but then there’s a conflict between recommending people what they may actually like and risking pissing them off. there’s just no balance.

currently i am youtube surfing because i have finished my semester’s exams. i am also waiting patiently for midnight when my vodafone cap will restart and allow me free and unlimited vodafone to vodafone calls! (so holler if you’re on voda!)

at times i wonder how all these famous people get “discovered” from youtube. like there has to be a lot of sad people out there that search up covers in their spare time and watch and rate and pass them on. i understand how funny stuff gets around, like communitychannel, but artists? really? it’s got to be a one in a million billion chance, and that chance just so happens to be people like justin beiber.

it’s so confusing how something becomes an “internet phenomenon” because when you think about it, the majority of people just go with what’s cool. so when you’re already cool you just become cooler. the fanboys and fangirls don’t really have taste, just the innate desperation to fit in and pretend they have an opinion that’s exactly the same as everyone else’s opinion.

you don’t believe me?

then explain popularity.

    • {JOANNE
    • June 22nd, 2010

    lucky you finished exams! i have my last exam tmr and i cannot be fucked to study hahaha =(
    i guess people feel the need to conform along with everyone else… so they aren’t alienated or be the loner.
    in a way it helps people “connect” and become friends with similar “interests” and also be something that they can all relate to…
    p.s: i haven’t seen you all semester 😦

  1. youtube is depressing for me…

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