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today, at work, i met a woman who left her husband and children for another woman. she would have been in her mid fourites, not working, newly married (in some country other than australia i presume), pretty damn carefree and, especially, very much in love.

even though she was a rather strange character and kept asking very stupid questions, the amount of happiness flowing off her was unmistakable. she and her partner were married, and she often emphasised how ecstatic her partner would be, as if they were just two halves of a whole.

upon conveying my amazement to a coworker of mine, i gleaned his complete and utter distaste for the whole situation. some of the vocabulary he used was rather vulgar and shall not be repeated here, but it was evident that he thought the idea was repulsive. i mean, fair enough, everyone involved in this transition would have gone through a traumatic experience; possibly much more traumatic than if there was no same sex relationship, but it’s still just two people following their hearts. which is supposed to be romantic, right?

so how come when the story is about the forbidden love of a man and a woman and the difficulties are overcome it’s so heartwarming, but the moment it takes a step out of the box it becomes unfathomably wrong?

sure, i was amazed and interested, and maybe not completely open minded because i don’t come in contact with these things that much, but sometimes the amount of close mindedness we still experience in society amazes me.

humanity… is just a tasteless joke.

    • Suen Zheng
    • June 6th, 2010

    Dear Lizii,

    Humanity is just a tasteless joke.

    I really like this one. I guess sometimes its up to which angle we see things. Ethics should not be too rigid (though it always is).

    PS: I am sorry for not visiting your website for so long. Been a little busy working in JP Morgan and all.

    Yours faithfully,
    James Ee Suen Zheng

  1. love is love
    but in this case when you leave your husband and CHILDREN behind it would make you less of a person
    i mean how selfish do you have to be?

    im not sure what heartwarming situation you had in mind with a man and woman overcoming extremities to be together…

    • Kev
    • June 7th, 2010

    You’ll never know until you hear both sides if not all sides of the story.

    • haily
    • June 8th, 2010

    is it just me or have you recently developed a strange obsession with lesbians =O

    • {JOANNE
    • June 16th, 2010

    i never noticed you changed you layout, i really like this one 🙂

    things like this make you wonder how much people value family/blood ties.

    reminds me of something i read from my friend:

    There was a woman who lived in China, was married and had 4 kids. She divorced her husband (I forget the reason why) and lived alone, working hard to try and support herself. Many years later she develops cancer, and her sister starts taking care of her.

    In the later stages of her disease, she is bedridden in hospital, her sister taking care of her around the clock. Barely able to move, all she wants is to see her children again so her sister sends them all a message, asking them to visit their mother. All of them flattly refuse, the youngest argueing that she left when he was only a 1 year old, saying that she is no more a mother than the aunt was.

    After much convincing done by the aunt, including informing them of her mothers 40 000 yuan and various jewlery and trikets, they go and see their mother. By this time, she can’t even speak. The children start making a ruckus, yelling at their aunt to tell them where her mothers money and jewlery were. The aunt pulls them aside, and tries to bargain to get them to look after their mother. As the negotiations had come to an end, the doctor walks in and informs them all that their mother had died. All of them break down crying.

    This story was aired on some chinese TV program. It made me wonder how much people value family ties. It’s strange that the children cried over the mothers passing, well, more unexpected to me considering that the only reason they went to see their mother was for her money and assets.

    So why did they cry?

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