suck it up .

i checked through my junk mail today because it was at some ridiculously high number, and i found that i’ve been receiving emails from sexy russian ladies that want to meet me and addresses like jessica007 who want to sell me viagra.

i don’t really know how these people got my email, or how they figured i’d like to meet sexy russian ladies, but i really don’t think i’m ready for a mail order bride just yet. i’m also relatively sure that i haven’t subscribed to ican’ so the whole thing is rather puzzling. it’s pretty stupid, really. i can’t imagine how anyone would be stupid enough to meet sexy russian ladies off spam emails in their inboxes, or purchase viagra cheaply via the internet. because that’s really going to be good for your health.

junk mail pisses me off and people these days astound me. who can you really scam with these stupid ads anyway, what with growing awareness and all. and what is it with the internet that makes everything so much more dodgy. i don’t know about you, but if i received a viagra flyer in my mailbox i’d think it was comparitively less suspicious. do they even advertise that kind of stuff on flyers? not that it would make me want to place an order either way.

it feels like we’re losing touch with so much, while at the same time we’re sticking closer to the things that don’t matter at all. what ever happened to old fashioned letter writing, phone calling and meeting up for coffee? how did social media such as facebook stick plugs in us and bind us to people we don’t actually give a shit about while it restrains us from human interaction with those that we do?

or maybe it’s just because i don’t give a shit about anyone?

on a brighter note, i decided it was time for a change. there are a few colours now, but as always, most things are better in black and white. it also feels more blog like, but that is possibly just to me. and yes, i was procrastinating. any comments or suggestions are welcome.

    • Jwang
    • June 11th, 2010

    yah spam.
    should see how many we get in our work email.
    and yeah jessica007 was totally me. my bad.

    ps like the changes. especially since we get to see your sexy pins. a forehead would been nice though.

  1. nice new blog change~

    lucky for me i have like 10 different emails. when i get junked, i make a new one loool

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