rules rules rules .

i’ve never taken out garbage bins in my life, so it kind of surprised me when an old man knocked on our door and told me the council would fine us unless we arranged the bins in a specific way and piled everything inside. the idea seemed rather proposterous to me; i mean, what if we just have a lot of rubbish? how am i supposed to know how the council likes their bins to be arranged?

what surprised me more was when i went back to the bins, they became neatly aligned against the opposite wall, not where i placed them at all.

since when was there an etiquette to these things anyway.

i sometimes think that rules and regulations go too far. like fines for having too much trash or getting out of a car that isn’t actually parked or having really loud sex (if you haven’t seen this before). even though every thing we do could affect someone else completely unrelated in some way, not everything should be touchable by law. it’s ridiculous. there must be a point where it goes too far.

i think humanity has gotten to the point where they see the majority as ones who hold inescapable power. we’ve begun to believe that we alone are the ones that set the natural order of things, and if this order is not easily enforced, it must be done so by law. so we write more and more stupid clauses in our increasingly pointless legislations until one day everything will be illegal except breathing and we’ll get fined for our toe twitching accidentally in a cinema. and whoever issues these fines will be rolling in cash and we’ll suffer from hyperinflation and eventually end up as arsonist anarchists that burn every record of anything.

maybe it’s a good thing to have an orderly way to go about things.

or maybe our whole existence is ridiculous.

  1. well lucky for us we dont have to live that long. that is, if the world ever became like that

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