minus six degrees .

did a maccas run at 3:30am this morning only to find that, although advertising a 24 hour opening, it was closed.

wasn’t happy.

turns out that mcdonalds was filming a commercial inside, at 3:30 in the morning. there was this huge bright light outside that probably attempted to make it seem like daytime. what the fuck.

debated with haily about going elsewhere, but in the end the closed mcdonalds had really deflated the atmosphere and the only option left to make me happy was ice cream.

due to this adventure, i was practically unconscious at uni today which leads to people thinking you’re a freak. contrary to my self image, participation in class has never been a big thing for me and i was therefore left to my very tired and unfruitful day.

the only problem is that… due to university trying to be new-age and technosavvy, wordpress has become a main part of two of my subjects. this is a problem because i have a feeling that someone will be able to find my personal blog through this method, as they will be linked my both my username and email address. i can therefore not bitch about anything i experience, because i don’t know when someone’s going to come snooping around. not that random people don’t do that already, but it kind of matters when they’re your university tutor or something.

i hate this globalisation bullshit. being able to connect to anyone anywhere is way too fucked up. having prospective employers google you and find drunk photos of you on facebook is pretty fucked up already; it won’t be long before anyone can type a name into a small box and bring up all the details of their entire life.

if being a stalker were a profession, now is the time to invest.

  1. lol nice ending line
    it’s very true though
    thats why i use an alias on facebook
    and have another ‘garmon weng’ account that has absolutely nothing on it
    though when people type in garmon weng they’re linked to a lot of ship. i enjoy the exposure though…

    • jwang
    • March 12th, 2010


    • {JOANNE
    • April 9th, 2010

    haha they were filming at your local maccas?
    that’d be pretty amusing to see through the windows =p

    i guess that’s why you don’t have a fb account huh aye?
    i do get randoms from other countries who dig through my archives. it makes me wonder why they would do that.

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