presents .

soundtrack: a comforting buzz // thoughts: about tomorrow 

i came across a funny picture today and i shall attempt to upload it

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dare to be .

soundtrack: the beat of my heart // thoughts: of starting something new

to be different, i have decided to start a wordpress. it’s like livejournal and blogspot, but not.

blogging should take up much time of a thoughtless person such as myself, especially during periods such as exams. i have decided to navigate myself away from my msnspace as a way of starting a new direction in life. it’s all deep and profound, i know, but it’s also because i’ve realised i should write more than mindless complaints about daily life and horrid situations which i find myself in. msn is for those mindless complaints. the connotations of immaturity and wastefulness are plenty. for me, this is a new beginning…

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