con temporary .

uninspired on a summer’s night, she watches the lights outside her window and waits for time to pass away. the walls whisper words they shouldn’t, and the ceiling hums tunes that start with love songs and finish with photographic memories of pain.

when the sun rises in the morning perfection becomes too difficult to maintain, and she seeks shelter from it because she cannot bear being enveloped in the light. as she searches for her safety, he tries to find her, and they run through a maze with only right turns while he chases and she flees.

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the window .

a room of sparse frustrated boxes stacked to the ceiling watches her as she enters. lightly stained with dust, the floorboards attempt to stop creaking as her light toes stick to them momentarily, and their lines become imprinted in her skin for just a second before they fade away.

at the far end there is a large window with curtains where its eyes should be and glass where its hands once were. it blocks the wind to protect the dust, but can’t keep the sun from revealing the specs of its existence. she feels the same way; protected by the glass from all elements but exposure.

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amor caecus est .

the camera flashes and her eyes are blinded by infinity. they compliment and coo at her, wanting her to show them more, but when she hears the flash once again there’s only the blot of metallic silver floating where her vision once was. wherever her eyes venture. she’s captured.

she sways, unable to focus. it’s like the bright world around her is being blocked out momentarily, and wherever she tries to look there’s something between her and the beauty of life. for a few seconds it excites her, entertaining her interest and tickling her curiosity. yet the seconds turn into minutes, and then hours, and before she knows it a half a lifetime has passed away with pieces missing. even when she closes her eyes it’s there, omnipresent, stubborn, unrelenting. the only time she can escape it is in her dreams. and sometimes not even.

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spin .

every time the wind blows, life sways a little. the remaining bits of peace balance precariously on the edges as the big players in the centre try to push them away.

the conscience. the logic. the idealist. the heart. the smile that creeps up secretly and catches you unaware before you struggle to repress it.

they all sway with the inertia of an egg whose yolk spins while the shell tries to stop. uncontrollably.

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fade .

once upon a time… a little boy stood on his balcony looking out into the cold winter sky. the sun had very recently risen, and beams were reflecting off the high rise buildings before him, but even with its weak caress it was still cold. and if something like the sun couldn’t make it warmer, what could a mere boy do? he felt so small.

as he watched the angles of the beams changing with the rising sun, a small object obstructed his vision and he couldn’t help but think how much smaller and more insignificant it was. the insignificant little bird fluttered, landing on the ledge and looked up at the boy expectantly.

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rules rules rules .

i’ve never taken out garbage bins in my life, so it kind of surprised me when an old man knocked on our door and told me the council would fine us unless we arranged the bins in a specific way and piled everything inside. the idea seemed rather proposterous to me; i mean, what if we just have a lot of rubbish? how am i supposed to know how the council likes their bins to be arranged?

what surprised me more was when i went back to the bins, they became neatly aligned against the opposite wall, not where i placed them at all.

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fly away .

throughout the past one and a half years i have worked in phone retailers, i have always encountered a large amount of international students, backpackers or just people from overseas in general. it never affected me before, but i’ve recently been noticing just how young these people are. i mean, yesterday i saw a passport upon which the year of birth was 1992. and i thought… fuck, this kid is two years younger than i am, and he’s in a different country, away from his family and everyone he knows. by himself. living there?!

it’s become increasingly obvious that there are so many people like this. so many people willing to step out of their comfort zone to do something new.

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