fairy tale .

Once, there lived a king and queen who had 6 sons, but really wanted a daughter. They were always very upset when a boy was born, so when the queen was pregnant, everyone in the kingdom prayed it would be a girl this time. 9 months later, a baby girl was born, so the king and queen threw a huge party just to celebrate. They issued invitations to everyone in the kingdom, and planned the party for the very next day.

But the youngest prince, being scared of the 13th, and last, fairy, secretly took her invitation and burnt it. When the 13th fairy heard that there was going to be a party and she wasn’t invited, she was very angry and decided to take revenge on the king and queen, not knowing that they actually invited her to the party. The fairy found out that during the party, every fairy would wish the princess something special, so the 13th fairy formulated an evil plan.

On the day of the celebration, lots of food was set out in the banquet hall. The cooks were asleep from the exhaustion of the previous night, and guards were everywhere, stuffing their faces with food. Soon the well wishing for the princess began. They wished her happiness, beauty, love, prosperity, luck, kindness, a beautiful voice, to never get fat, perfect hair, perfect height, and to never have pimples.

But right after the 11th fairy finished, the 13th fairy zoomed into the room and said, “Because you didn’t invite me to this celebration, I’ll curse the princess. The princess shall be allergic to princes, and no prince will love her because if he gets too close, it won’t be very pretty.” And with that, the evil fairy went home content with herself.

But the 12th fairy hadn’t made her wish yet. The 13th fairy had never been able to count very well, and she got carried away in the excitement. Anyway, the 12th fairy, despite her greatest effort, which wasn’t much considering her size, couldn’t overcome the curse. So she said, “The princess’s allergy to princes will only last until a prince is brave enough to kiss her, and then the spell will be broken!” She didn’t realise that she had made it worse, because only a prince could save her now.

Being allergic to princes meant that the princess had to spend her life in a tall tower, away from her 6 brothers, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many princes had tried to kiss her, but she sneezed so much, that they ran off. Princes are all sissy on the inside. Years passed by as the princess lived in her tower and made friends with the common children. But soon it was time for her to marry.

When she told her friends this, they were upset, especially Taylor, who was secretly in love with her. A competition was soon arranged; if any prince could kiss the princess, he would marry her and become king. When the princess’s brothers heard this, they were pretty angry, and tried to sabotage to competition, but we all know that princes aren’t good at anything except for charming princesses, so they failed dismally.

And so, princes came from all over the land to kiss the princess. But even though they tried everything they could, when the prince got near the princess would sneeze uncontrollably. Even the fastest prince, who ran ten metres in one second couldn’t kiss her, and that wasn’t sabotage. And so days passed by, until Prince Charming came along.

He walked in, and the princess started to sneeze like usual, but Prince Charming kept moving forward, despite everything that was on his clothes, crown, and face. And when he got close enough, he grabbed her hand, and kissed it, and instantly, the princess stopped sneezing. No one had ever thought that the prince could just kiss the hand of the princess. It had always been tradition to kiss the lips, but it didn’t matter, the curse was broken.

Everyone cheered. The king and queen ran towards Prince Charming and gave him a hug. The princess thanked the prince for rescuing her from the evil curse and handed him a napkin.

A day was set for the wedding of the princess and Prince Charming, but no one was very happy, especially since the king and queen raised the taxes to pay for the wedding, and only the nobles were invited. Even Prince Charming wasn’t happy. Prince Charming didn’t love the princess; he only wanted to marry her for the kingdom, because he would never be able to rule since he had older brothers. Another thing you might like to know about princes is that they’re always power hungry.

But on the day of the wedding, Prince Charming went to the princess, and told her he couldn’t marry her. “I don’t love you, I don’t even know your name!” he said. So, the wedding was called off, and every one was happy again. The peasants got their money back; the princes got their kingdom back; the princess got rid of her curse and Prince Charming went back to his kingdom when news of an accident involving all his brothers came, and he found that he was the only prince left in his kingdom. After a while, everything returned to normal.

The princess continued living in her tall tower, having found that she liked the 12 metre high stairs that allowed her to exercise.  She continued to hang out with her friends, and they continued their lives as before, although Taylor secretly thanked god that Prince Charming rescued the princess and didn’t marry her.

Word soon came of Prince Charming. He had married a lady that was a true fan of Michael Jackson, had a plastic nose, and therefore couldn’t sneeze.

A year later, the princess realised that she was in love with Taylor, and went to her parents to ask if they would bless their marriage. Obviously, the king and queen refused, because princesses aren’t allowed to marry commoners, and locked the princess in her tower. The princess gathered her belongings, and the next morning, left a note on her pillow and eloped with Taylor.

The king and queen didn’t find the note until a week later, and by then the princess had already been married. She changed her name to Lily, dyed her hair black and earned money by singing in the town square.

In a way, all the fairy’s wishes were fulfilled.

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