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pictures .

for every dream, there is a reality. for every precious moment, there is a regret. yet the reality of these regrets are not recognised until it’s too late.

he’s walking towards the light in my dreams. there’s no long tunnel filled with dark emptiness, just a speck of light that he thinks will be better than anywhere else. the speck of light is in the opposite direction of me. driven by the possibility of a happy ending, he walks on…

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cinderella .

the handsome prince on a white horse is not longer the ideal man in modern times. nowadays, the best thing a girl could have is someone rich, successful and hardworking. big house, nice cars, exotic holidays; that’s what life’s all about.

of course, the essentials remain the same; the prince was probably the wealthiest chip on the block, and becoming a princess allows a girl to have anything she wants. it’s just that the idealised version had been scrapped, and replaced with a modern, materialistic and superficial version of love. no one minds, though, because we’ve all evolved into sophisticated people…

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steaming hot .

the bright blue sky in the morning was polluted by a thin layer of grey. as i walked further towards it, it grew thicker, until i turned the corner and i saw it.

in the not-so-far distance there was a trumpet of black smoke rising up into the air. it swirled and expanded, making a giant black rainbow across the sky. stunned, i fumble for my phone and capture the moment. but i need not have wasted the effort; the black mess continued to rise into the sky, turning yellow as it moved further and bestowing fog upon the streets…

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watch me .

she’s pretty, from far away.

nothing is ever as good up close, especially when it’s yours. but from the distance, she could almost be beautiful. almost.

i take a few steps closer to get a better view, but she moves further and further away. it’s almost as if she knows once i get close enough i’ll discover the truth, and won’t care. she’s baiting; she wants to keep a distance and keep me interested. but she doesn’t realise that i’m not a shark. i know she’ll start running the moment i get too close. i try anyway.

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remember .

It started raining the moment I turned into my street, almost as if the heavens were masking my arrival. Although I only had to walk 100 metres before I could hide under shelter, the raindrops were so large my thin white uniform became wet and see through. But I didn’t hurry my strides, only looked up determinedly like I had told myself I would do all the way home. The downpour made it hard for my eyes to stay off the ground, a feeling I had begun to get used to as I forced myself to look ahead during my walks. It had become increasingly obvious to me that whenever someone walked past me I failed to meet their eyes, and after one quick glace at their face and body I always hastily avert my eyes to the floor.I placed my hand on the cool metal of the doorknob as I fumbled for my keys, searching for an object which would permit my entrance to safety…

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all the way down .

I keep dreaming about a girl that lives on the eighth floor. I don’t know who she is, or what she looks like, only that she’s stronger and braver than I am. We stand in the elevator together and when we go down my heart lurches.

Every time.

And I wake up confused with that image of us going down in that dark elevator again and again, not knowing when or where I’d picked up the thought of an elevator with a yellow light or how I know she lives on the eighth floor.

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