numero uno .

a solid, transparent barrier lies between them. it moulds into their body shapes and allows them to wrap around each other, but creates a tiny yet noticible distance between their hearts. he doesn’t know it exists, but she can feel its pressure on every fragment of her body. every time she moves closer she can feel its force pushing her away, as if a thousand tiny hands were softly caressing her skin while simultaneously guiding her in a different direction.

he brushes his fingers against her cheeks to signify that he is able to touch her, feel her, and make her feel. she closes her eyes to escape the intensity of the moment, and draws into herself as fireworks of ideas and hypotheticals erupt in her mind

her responses constantly confuse him for they signify a lack of the progress he was so certain of a moment ago. he fights the need to wonder, ask, scream for the reason why: why… exactly what he doesn’t even know.

a small crack of moonlight peers through the open window, followed by a chilly breeze that he shields her from with his body. he traces the luminence on her skin, from the nape of her neck, to her shoulders, down her arms, until the remainder is blocked by the outside elements and everything is trapped by the darkness.

yet even in the darkness he knows what the rest of her looks like. her image is imprinted in his mind, and his hands allow him to confirm his memory of her shape. and looking down at her, he knows that she knows him just as well.

daylight breaks and she comes to her senses. her mind feels for the transparent barrier between them, and feels both relief and disappointment as it recognises its lines. she shifts so he is no longer wrapped around her, pulling away ever so slightly so as to not wake him. but he’s already awake and can feel her moving away.

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