parachutes .

flashing lights come from all directions, travelling through a void of darkness and splashing around her. there’s no beauty in the fragments of light, yet even if there were she would shy away, preferring the darkness over illumination of any kind.

glimpses of her surroundings create intermittent stories that she plays out in her head, but they all amount to nothing. and every time she hears familiarity or difference she thinks of him. 

although it seems fitting at times, she knows that no words anyone else could string together, no pretty sentences or devastating poetry, could ever describe their past. and while she listens and reminisces, she attempts to find the will to walk away.

yet from behind there is a soft yet continuous pull in a different direction to the freedom she’s making a break for. when distracted, she fails to notice, but the trigger happy nature of memories reinstates the feeling every time. 

in the fast tracked moment of slowed down time she forms a hypothesis. and what are they, but for testing? with objectives and methods locked in, she leaves the cosy hatch of her comfort zone and ventures into a world where life is unexpected and rules were made to be broken. she attempts to create just the slightest shift in her universe so that it would no longer be exactly how it was. so that while her previous existence could still be remembered, it would no longer define every part of her.

because perhaps the only way to unlink two souls inexplicably bound is by somehow altering one so that it no longer holds on to the other. 

    • Kevin
    • February 5th, 2012

    Really like this post. Bravo.

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