apostrophe .

the curtains draw in a darkness that separates her from the rest of the world. beyond the vacuum she has created and filled with emptyness, the problems of the world that she must solve linger in the air. one by one they queue, waiting for the curtains to crack so they can flood in and claim their time and space.

she lays on the floor, eliminating all contact with the outside world. she shatters the phone, destroys the computer and blocks the gaps under the doors with sandpaper and old greeting cards. she tapes down the floorboards and blocks the sink and gets under the covers and closes her eyes.

but even without any exposure to it, the world seeps into her mind, unaware of the distance and obstacles placed between them. she closes her eyes tighter as if it could squeeze the thoughts away.

identities flow into her head, one by one, reminders of who and what she’s trying to shut out. his face appears and she opens her eyes and rehearses the prepared speech over and over again.

and she talks and talks until she explains it all to nobody, screams and shouts at nothing, and cries on the shoulder of no one.

and when she emerges from her solitary world she finds the outside empty, having moved on while she was still in the process of putting everything together.

    • Kevin Lau
    • October 2nd, 2011

    Dear Liz.

    Sounded like you needed a getaway/holiday.
    Loving your blog posts.
    Hope all is well. It’d be great if we could catch up sometime.
    Talk soon.


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