tread .

if there was light at the beginning, what was there at the end? in a day where the sun rises to siginify a start…

the remaining specks of sunlight reflect like glitter over the water. they flicker, creating a pattern that alters every second so that you couldn’t retrace it even if you tried. although the sea is calm, the swirls of glitter splash in disarray, while the rest of the water seems as inpenetrable as always.

she skips along the sand with her bare feet, squeezing its loose fragments between her toes, creating soft volatile prints as she goes. she knows that the moment the wind blows, there will no longer be any record of her being there, nor any record of her existence.

the wet sand feels cold against her soles, and a small shiver makes its way up her back, camouflaging in with the wind creeping up her shirt which is trying to return her to the way nature meant her to be. the thin material quivers but does not falter. unlike the beliefs and ideals and the glitter in the dark sea.

the glitter spreads itself more and more thinly until it begins to disappear. she reaches for it and attempts to close her fist, but the moment she touches it it mockingly slips through her fingers. she scrambles in deeper. two hands this time, cupping the water, she seeks to save the last moments of the sunlight. but all faith eludes her as the world immerses itself in the end of the dusky sky, and the only remaining light is artificially made by man.

she shivers in the icy water. without the warmth of the sun everything has become unbearably cold, and she fights to return to the shore where she can find an alternative. but the world has frozen, and the anarchy of the seas refuses to allow her to move even one little step.

everything is loud for a second, and then becomes quiet.

and in the end there was darkness as the world faded away.

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