rainbow .

they found the end of the rainbow pooling into a mass of shiny silver fluid, more milky than clear. its sparkles reflect in their eyes when they reach it, and for a moment the laborous journey didn’t matter at all. their eyes meet and they share the feeling of that soft pleasant shock spreading inside your heart. the nature surrounding it seemed like a picture perfect oasis, and the calm of the breeze and the hugs of the sun made the moment essentially perfection.

heaving her baggage off her shoulder, she laid it on the floor and unzipped it a little to retrieve a camera so they can prove that they made it. shots are snapped, artfully candid, and excitement is expressed in the intensity of their touch.

he snatches her camera, dancing in circles mockingly as she chases him, threatening to look into the still moments of her past as she shrieks happily for him to return them. without the weight on her shoulders the freedom of movement seems to have simplified, and she fights harder, and eventually more defensively.

he doesn’t undersand the change in the atmosphere. retreating slowly, he returns her secrets and walks towards the pool, and starts speaking of their journey; the llamas they rode, the princes they kidnapped and the handkerchieves they sewed.

“it was worth it, now that we’re here,” he says.

she retrieves a shovel from her backpack and pushes it aggressively into the bank of the pool. the facade of the silver liquid is disturbed ever so slightly as she continues to dissemble its surroundings.

“only if we find what we’re looking for,” she replies as she digs for the promised gold.

    • dale21
    • January 9th, 2011

    your a beautiful writer.

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