fly away .

throughout the past one and a half years i have worked in phone retailers, i have always encountered a large amount of international students, backpackers or just people from overseas in general. it never affected me before, but i’ve recently been noticing just how young these people are. i mean, yesterday i saw a passport upon which the year of birth was 1992. and i thought… fuck, this kid is two years younger than i am, and he’s in a different country, away from his family and everyone he knows. by himself. living there?!

it’s become increasingly obvious that there are so many people like this. so many people willing to step out of their comfort zone to do something new.

people that go to foreign countries to live for long periods of time have always commanded a large amount of respect from me. hell, people that move anywhere amaze me. i don’t think i could ever leave my life behind and move to another city, no matter how much opportunity it holds. i’ve never understood how anyone could leave their foundations and be comfortable in a different environment without the support and familiarity they previously experienced.

then i think about it. what’s really holding me here? family? definitely not. friendship? not completely irreplaceable nor unkeepable. university? maybe. stability? i could probably be in the same financial situation anywhere i could speak the language and find work. no life threatening situations would happen. no necessities cannot be brought or bought. but why am i so averse to taking such risks? what’s so great about where i am right now that makes me not want to let go? am i anti-try-new-things or anti-adventurous or just scared?

and how come these eighteen year old kids are able to leave their families in europe or america and decide to live down under for a year, work their arses off and buy thirty nine dollar mobile phones? i don’t mean those kids that get sent here with an allowance of 1k per week, living in catered student colleges with cable broadband and pay tv. i mean people that work and study and live life as they would but separated from everyone they once belonged to.

i don’t understand it.

but maybe i’m just not good at starting again. or leaving things behind.

  1. It has always sounded appealing to me, to go and experience life in a new country. It would be so interesting, learning the ways of a new and different culture.

    I’ve never really thought about it the way you describe here. My family has hosted a number of foreign exchange students since 1998, and I am so fortunate to have met these people and be able to call them my brothers and sisters. It’s an amazing opportunity, no matter what end you’re on.

    But I get what you’re saying about moving. It can be really tough to move to a new place. My sister is just realizing that. She got married, moved 6.5 hours away to a big city, but now she really misses her friends and the life she had here. It can definitely be rough sometimes.

  2. it’s been said that Australia is one of the luckiest countries in the world because our living standards are really good here. employment here is much easier than a lot of other countries too. i guess that’s why they send them here. less dangerous than america…

    i dunno…id move to japan if i could.

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