mister bass .

i registered myself on the do not call list today after having received an amount of telemarketing calls last week. the funny thing is that i don’t actually have a home phone, so these calls were made to my mobile. i always thought that wasn’t legal, and since they weren’t a charity or anything i couldn’t figure it out.

i don’t really understand the idea of the do not call register. i mean, i do; people are annoyed at telemarketers and would like to stop getting calls. people are whiney. people are demanding. people are pissed off. people think they have a right to “peace” whatever the fuck their definition of it may be.

but there are exemptions, like charities and government organisations, and those who are called by either end up pretty fucking annoyed. these people are the ignorant ones who don’t understand and don’t listen, so i don’t really care about them, but i must admit it’s reasonable to be pissed off.

in addition, i don’t think anyone really wants to get calls from telemarketers, so what if everyone just registered for the list, as i’m sure the is increasingly the case? doesn’t that make it all pretty obselete, especially the telemarketers in the first place?

anyway, due to the season finale of gossip girl, i’ve been doing a little net surfing on predictions for next season when i came across this. apparently my gossip girl boyfriend is chuck bass. i’m pretty sure the look on my face was one of pure utter devastation because i’m totally in love with chace crawford since he’s better than sex on legs. i think it was the games thing that gave me away… and possibly the tuxedo thing… i love, love, love chuck&blair and all their drama, but i don’t believe they should be together (although of course they will be to please the masses). just that two people that are so similar can never make things work, especially when one’s a manipulative bitch and the other is probably an STI riddled manwhore.

all in all, i’m just a little bit bitter that my ideal guy is supposedly a major dick, sleeps around and needs to play games but wants to feel loved. i wonder how much it reflects real life.

zero, i hope.

  1. some lonely people like to get calls from telemarketers. the lonelier ones are the ones that like to get angry or hang up infuriated.

    as for the quiz. you could only probably have gotten 1 of 4 people. and it’s like those 4 reflect every kind of guy there is. in any case, if guys dont tickle your fancy, you could try girls. i hear they’re all the rage

    • jwang
    • May 22nd, 2010

    ed westwick is the sex
    especially with the british accent
    and hmmm ‘major dick, sleeps around and needs to play games but wants to feel loved.’ sounds familiar…..

    • kev
    • May 23rd, 2010

    garmon you shouldnt encourage her. she’d steal all the girls.

    • haily
    • May 26th, 2010

    +1 for trying girls. document your tries with video though =]

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