ever wonder …

# why we look better with clothes on?

# whether you eat to become fat or become fat to eat?

# if the person that’s checking you out is actually wondering if you’re a guy or a girl?

# when you forget, if it’s a choice or a coincidence?

# why you have ten toes?

# how god counts the time that passes by?

# why the orange car always gets blown up in action films?

# when gut instinct is telling you something, how it could be the truth?

# where the santa impersonators go when it’s not christmas?

# why sometimes vindication doesn’t feel as good as it should?

# whether you try because you want to, or because you’re scared?

    • jwang
    • April 29th, 2010

    stopped at the second one

  1. # Because my genitals shrink in the cold.

    # No never. There’s a balance and I’m happy about that.

    # They do constantly. I like it.

    # Both and never. We choose to forget and just forget.

    # Because my parents did and their parents and thier parents…

    # If I was infinite and eternal I wouldn’t keep time. I would roll with the flow of the universe I made.

    # Because orange is a stupid colour. Also if you know a car has to blow up you wnat to know which one.

    # It’s not. It’s instinct, common sence or a twist of selfhood. We call it subjective truth.

    # I assume they have summer jobs and the like.

    # Because you did it wrong or too well.

    # It’s both. Existencialists call it the concept of dread.

  2. i liked the first one the most. however i’m female, so that doesn’t really happen for me? haha

    also, i know of someone with six toes =O

    • garmon
    • April 30th, 2010

    Lol, nuff said

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