bargains .

we all do it, whether we believe in it or not. whether we think it will work or we think it’s our only shot. our last hope. we stop praying. we start bargaining with god.

at one point it stops being “dear god, please hear my prayers” and transforms into something more like “if you do this for me, i swear i will do anything for you.”

example: “dear god, could you please get the love of my life to love me too?” will over time transform into “please god, i’m not asking for him to love me, but could you at least let him notice i exist? i swear i’ll change the world for you.”

although i do this myself, at times i wonder why. i’d call myself agnostic because i believe there is something out there, but when did the idea of actually praying to god cross my mind? is it because our christianity dominated society prevails in brainwashing us in the end? are they really able to get everyone to hope that something out there that is willing to help them? or is it something that is buried within you from youth; the idea that when you do one thing for someone, they will do something in return?

the whole concept of bargaining with god is extremely flawed. mostly because i don’t think you have anything god really wants. i mean, if he really wanted someone to change the world couldn’t he just point his finger or something and sprout some hamburgers in africa? maybe purify the water so they wouldn’t get diseases from drinking from the river?

plus, if your most feverently desired wish ever really came to be, the most likely event is that you’ll be estatically happy and try to change the world for a little while to avoid feeling guilty and later forget all about it until there’s something you want yet again. god should know this. yet he forgives you over and over agian for betraying the bargains you’ve made with him. assuming they happened in the first place, of course.

furthermore, god should be all knowing and giving and forgiving anyway, so why do you need to tell him what you’d do for him in return for his services? if you’re a good person you should be able to have what you want, right? or is that not the way it works…? forgive my ignorance, i got kicked out of religion in year 2 for asking too many questions.

in the end, what have i to conclude but that god does indeed work in mysterious ways?

    • {JOANNE
    • April 12th, 2010

    hahaha i’ve always thought about it tooooo
    and yes i do bargain as well lol

    ahh i haven’t seen you around uni at ALL! 😡

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