atmosphere .

the light flickers on to the beat of the approaching footsteps, disturbing the air and the world that reveled in the darkness.

silently and smoothly the cat leaps up onto the roof, taking one last glance at what’s approaching before disappearing. like it does every time she comes close. as if to reveal its presence but show her that she couldn’t catch him if she tried.

as always, she pauses from the shock of someone invading her sacred space without an invitation, but then continues as though it’s of no significance.

it’s not like the invasion lasts for very long anyway; they always disappear in the end.

she moves forward, forgetting about the cat a second later, only concentrating on the end of her journey and the shelter that awaits around the corner. as she turns, the light flickers and she is catapulted into a world of darkness where she can use all the senses she wishes she could block out. rather than the one she would like to retain forever.

her body shows her how to advance, her ears tell her about her surroundings. her hands find the turn of the walls and her heartbeat creates a soundtrack for the journey.

but her world is dark.

and the cat, who can see everything, turns its small face away from her and leaps, treading lightly across the tiled roof; making its presence known for one more second before it disappears out of her life.

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