the dialectic .

got a little too up close and personal with the toilet bowl last night. if it had been able to reciprocate- if it wasn’t just me spilling my guts out to it- we could have been best friends forever. fortunately, or unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

been watching a couple of rather political films lately; it seems that hollywood suddenly had a trend involving iraq and directors are borrowing each others’ tanks to star in the quest of who-can-make-the-most-shocking-film.

the answer is no one, because all of the films are very predictable.

i think the idea of iraq being a barren beigey sort of colour full of sandy cloaks and worn down buildings is stuck in the minds of everyone that taps even slightly into any medium of communication. like their world is so torn apart by what has happened and we never realised until now. like the people there only ever watch, unless they’re dying, dead, or want to kill you.

at the end of green zone i saw the name paul greengrass and a wave of confusion shot through me. i didn’t realise why until i remembered; greengrass also made united 93, the super pro-american post-9/11 film that tried to put courage in our hearts. what happened? why did the message of “stand together because we are strong” suddenly get replaced with “there were never any wmds and the government was lying all along”?

just to be controversial?

that’s all anyone’s after these days.

  1. yeah i avoid politics completely
    i like watching depressing movies…i’ve found

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