smile .

shutter island was just… mesmerising. captivating. mind blowing. it’s the best film i’ve seen since… since anything in my top ten or so. i love, love, loved it. didn’t even love leo that much (haven’t really since titanic and romeo), and mark ruffalo has always been a bit of a douche. the hard boiled stuff was a tiny bit overdone and there was a lot of gruesome scenes. but the film was awesome.

it wormed its way straight into top ten.

i love it when at the end something happens and everything gets pieced together. as if the world makes sense. even if it’s in a very fucked up way.

of course, i’ve always been one of those people that enjoy a good romcom, but it’s the crazy ones that sweep me off my feet, dump me in an alleyway and leave me wanting more. it’s always the ones with the not-so-happily-ever-after but one hundred percent perfect endings that let me take away something that i can smile about randomly on public transport.

and it makes me feel like i’ve made a special discovery in my life (even though a million other people made the same discovery too).

i think, maybe, just maybe…

it’s called happiness.

  1. i told you its good !! you were skeptical as always

    also, the hurt locker best picture?? nigga whut

  2. either the movie must have been profound enough to make you understand life
    or you’re going insane and you smile at a movie about crazy people

    • Kevin
    • March 11th, 2010

    More like Scorsese and the movie are awesome

  3. The film has merit but the twist throws the story away.

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