advert .

there is a huge trail of mosquito bites down both my legs. it looks like i have some kind of disease. fuck. why don’t i ever learn from my mistakes.

i think i might be allergic because all the bites are swollen and red, so i bought this cream but it doesn’t work very well. i guess it serves me right for sitting near vegetation in unholy hours of the night.

so, in other matters, i just need to take this moment to say that internet advertising does nothing for me. i mean, honestly, all those “win an ipod” things and half naked women really don’t trigger any desire for me to click.

this wave of thought was triggered when i saw this at the bottom of my msn window

because that really makes me want to purchase pre-paid wireless broadband from telstra for its ridiculous prices. i can’t believe people pay for that bullshit.

in a way, i guess i think that everything that happens on the internet is a scam. who knows where one click will lead you, what viruses a simple “accept” can mean. and people fall for it! maybe some people are a little too trusting, and some are not trusting enough. but if someone sent me an email telling me i’d won a million dollars i’d mark it as a phishing scam. but then obviously these advertisers are getting somewhere, otherwise they wouldn’t advertise, so i don’t know what to think.

my thoughts are a little messed up today so i’ll stop there. better, more vicious blogging coming soon!

  1. i click accidentally sometimes
    every click is like a few cents of profit you know

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