eye roll .

both my media courses at uni have a wordpress blog. for one of them, we’re supposed to start a wordpress blog ourselves which contributes to 30% of our final grade. for both of them, we’re supposed to follow and post on the blogs as interaction and contribution. i almost fell off my fucking chair.

mix that together with the fact that i need to get twitter and have been recommended to get facebook (because i’m apparently a freak for having neither as both are integral parts of my course), i have become very disappointed in media in general.

i thought i’d be learning some great forms of journalism, not how twitter has changed the world.

nevertheless, in hope of my HD WAM i shall experiment with these forms of social media. gradually.

i guess, in this age where everyone can express their own opinion, it’s hard to be someone whose opinion is revered. but when does someone’s opinion go from being just a lame old thought to something people begin to follow? when does a normal fashion blog break in to the big world and become a famous fashion blog? and why?

everyone thinks what they’ve got to say is worthwhile, so who’s the judge of whether it really is, and whether it’s just a piece of trash you stepped on as you crossed the road?

the ways of the revolution have changed. this social media revolution has now taken over the world, seeping into our everday lives and latching onto our consciousness. but because there are so many different revolutions, no one will ever be successful. and so we remain, stuck here in our capitalist society full of hollywood bullshit and plastic facades, wondering if there will ever be something more.

    • jwang
    • March 4th, 2010


  1. it’s ugly
    but we celebrate it anyway

    we’re getting lazier and stupider as the days go by

    • jwang
    • April 16th, 2010

    LOLOL love the youtube

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