let`s race .

went to my first media lecture at university today. they played that stupid lamb commercial that gets aired every australia day and we discussed it afterwards which was really awkward because the white majority were attempting not to be racist and the asian minority were attempting not to notice.

not that it offends me, but it’s pretty funny watching white people try so hard to be politically correct while it doesn’t really matter what the rest of us say. because anything they say can be interpreted as white supremacist and anything we say is just a joke.

this also coincides with the discussions of clubs that are formed at university.

i don’t know if it’s the same with where you are, but at the university of new south wales has many associations under it’s umbrella including the shanghainese student society, the vietnamese student association, the taiwanese student association, etc. to show off the multicultral nature of our environment.

maybe you haven’t thought of this, but why is there no society of white people? the proud blonde aussies or whatever?

because that’s racist. and if someone tried to start a club like that it’s likely that the only people who would join are either there for a joke or are actually bloody racist. i know these people exist because sometimes we go out and we hear people say shit like “god i hate these bloody asians” but we know they’re ignorant so we don’t care. it’s good natured when it comes from a friend, but when it comes from randoms on the street that you’ve never talked to in your life you know they’re expressing their honest opinion. 

but you laugh because they probably live in a two storey house with two point five children and foxtel, encouraging their kids to do arts and music while we do commerce and business and take over the world.

i’m kidding, of course. it’s just amusing to ponder people’s perspectives all the same.

  1. because you already know white culture
    because we’re australian
    so we dont need a group that shows us what australians do?

  2. i think we need racist people. without racism the comedy industry would fall to its knees.

    • gualetar
    • March 22nd, 2010

    The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

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