mardi gras !

in celebration of the impending commencement of university, i went out all weekend. however, for some completely unwarranted reason, i’m feeling absolutely fine and i wish i could go out but i really (and i mean really) need to do my laundry.

the mardi gras were interesting, albiet slightly disturbing, and i can’t believe that families would bring their small children and then proceed to hoist them upon their shoulders so they could see.

but then you have to argue for all that freedom of expression and shit, and what’s “right” or “wrong” and how gay is (S)in.

i think everyone should be exposed to something like that, and if they don’t enjoy it, at least realise that it exists. if there are people that are comfortable enough to walk around naked then good for them. if naked is too hard and a shiny thong is needed, good for them also. of course i can understand how people can find it slightly gross, but it’s not offensive. they’re not offending any one or any thing or any beliefs, as much as you’d like to argue that.

since the end of high school, my exposure to our gay and lesbian community has gone from about zero point one to a whopping whole figure of three or so. in high school it was just a subject to giggle over but now that i’ve seen more of society i realise it’s not even a big deal. it’s like deciding to eat kfc everyday; it’s just a lifestyle choice. and eating kfc probably has more consequences because you would most likely eventually become extremely repulsive.

in other news, i’m extremely excited about uni! and everything that is going to happen! for the first time in a long while i’m not just living day to day (although i enjoyed it) but i’m looking forward to what’s to come. hopefully i don’t screw it all up and i eventually achieve that big picture!

the only problem is that a tiny part of that big picture involves me being clothed and being clothed somehow leads to my now beeping washing machine. sigh.

  1. new start, new year~

    i hope that i can think that way too

    • {JOANNE
    • March 1st, 2010

    lol… i remember the first time i went to see was when i was in like year 3 or year 4, everyone pushed me forward to the front and said “let the kid through to see it” hahaha.
    all part of life’s experiences.

    omg i hate uni already =(

    i do hope to bump into you though!

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