the trust disease .

i saw the wolfman today, due to no fault on my part, i assure you. it was appalling. i don’t understand how something with zero plot, one out of ten acting skill and an obviously wannabe twist can make it through editing, trailer-ing and all the way to people that are willing to pay to see it. why didn’t someone have enough sense to scrap the whole project? i was rolling my eyes all the way through.

but then again i could say that for a lot of projects *cough* twilight.

it really brings me to question how the director can even want an audience for his film; i can honestly not imagine anyone that would enjoy it unless it was some sadist freak with a fetish for full on carnage.

sometimes i believe that people are so bedazzled by social media, and also any medium of media in general, that they’ve become mindless and brainwashed and able to enjoy their lack of individuality without realising that it’s so. although i’ve always believed that the environment and nature/nurture count a lot in the way someone forms themselves, at times i can’t help but wonder HOW one could form their own opinions, ideas and even personality with so many predecessors of all those qualities already rock solid in society.

of course, you could argue that they are a combination of all their influences and all the world around them, but i see all this evidence of manipulation where some greater force is grabbing them out of their nurtured and developed state and dropping them into a tank where they will soak up what we want them to soak up.

maybe if it was powerful enough it would change our like into dislike, and coerce us to watch dumb plotless films that use blood and guts and hairy chewbacca-wolves as their main highlights. it isn’t just yet, because i’m still able to make up my mind and realise that i didn’t like this film, but what if one day i can’t make that decision? what if, one day, that decision has already been made for me and i’ll enter the cinema, watch a handful of equally mindless advertisements, and proceed to be manipulated by the pretty pictures to enjoy what is (supposedly) meant to be enjoyed?

i know that i once spoke up for the soma induced world and believed that it was definitely not dystopic, but i have to say… when the environment you live in surpasses being just influential and becomes controlling, it’s time to find another planet to live on.

  1. if you’re an individual now, it’s likely you won’t ever become part of an ugly society that follows trends and public or media opinion. i dont think you have to worry about that.
    but you should know that everything you like and dislike is already affected by a factor of your life. it may be very subtle but the opinion is not entirely your own. things like film techniques judge how i perceive films. of course though, if the plot and visuals are engaging and the film techniques are average i’ll still like the movie. and ill like a movie regardless of whether it’s good or bad. i think that’s how you can define whether you’re an individual or not. when your own tastes are not affected but quality.
    it’s getting harder to become your own person these days though.
    the best you can do is catch the all stops instead of an express

    • {JOANNE
    • February 27th, 2010

    omg tell about those movies… like daybreakers fml so didn’t want to see it but was dragged to 😦
    and also percy jackson ……

    anyways hope to see you around uni liz! ❤

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