soul stickers .

i’m watching this korean series at the moment that is based around a television studio and what goes on behind the cameras. it’s pretty intense; the ambition, the competition, the tantrums. the love affairs with actors. the lack of true friendship and the hindrance all these factors have on “love” which is really the main point, in the end.

somewhere around the middle, during all the crises that happen successfully after another, the main girl (who is dating the main guy at the time but not successfully due to aforementioned circumstances) monologues something that interested me.

she said that to get closer to another human, one must first divulge a few secrets. these secrets allow you to creep closer and closer and eventually enables you to experience the love that all dramas capture in the end.

our heroine then goes on to reflect upon her previous relationships, and emphasise the fact that because she didn’t share her secrets (about hating her mother and her terrible childhood) with her previous boyfriend, they were never close enough and therefore broke up.

does it really have to be true? does the proximity of human relationships really depend on the amount of blatant truths shared on both parts? and if there is an imbalance in the ability to tell these haunting, lingering secrets, does everything fall apart?

even in friendship, when one person tells the other everything and the other tells the one nothing, will that sort of relationship tip the scales too much they won’t be able to stand? and if it does, doesn’t that say a lot about our inability to sustain interest in our own lives, and our need to be able to meddle in others?

i’ve always heard that relationships were based on trust, but i’ve never thought the intended meaning was so literal.

  1. not necessarily
    though a truth does bring you closer
    you only really need trust for closure

    people just like to rehash the whole peter parker mary-jane thing

  2. to gaze upon the soul of liz is to play knock and don’t run at the gates of hell

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