tunnels .

is there really any point in needing someone? what if the person you need isn’t what you need them to be?

could you be lying to yourself when you think you need someone?

she leans against the window of the train pondering all these thoughts, sulking at the fact that the lights of the new train are too bright to hide her tear streaked face. in an attempt to rectify her dignity, she casts her eyes down so her almost-bangs will cover her red nose and swollen eyes.

the air smells of alcohol and rain, mixed together to form a cold atmosphere of discomfort. every time a new passenger aboards she begins to feel more and more embarrassed. how pathetic they must think she is, she laughs bitterly to herself, crying her eyes out on public transport two and a half hours before the official beginning of valentines day.

as the rain trickles past, so do the minutes between her madness and her calm. the thoughts swirl in the air like a halo above her head and twist to form the most favourable resolution;

you don’t need anyone.

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