balance .

the weather has been crazy lately. i don’t remember if the end of summer has always been like this, but the hot sunny days and vividly stormy nights really have me on my feet. right now it’s pouring outside and i’m just thankful that i got home before it all hit.

it’s almost as if someone up there just can’t quite figure it out. maybe they’re bad at making decisions. maybe they’re trying to figure something out. or maybe they’re waiting for something perfect that just won’t come along and in the meantime they’re attempting mediation.

because you can never make everyone happy at the same time and one person’s gain comes from someone else’s loss. everything has to be relative and we’re all just tiny weights on the huge scales of this world. when the scales stop balancing they shift and twist a little so some of the tiny weights fall off, and then everything will be fine again. because the world didn’t really need you anyway, and the people that have a huge effect on it and cause the scales to shift mostly die pretty early or get other people killed. think about history. maybe they’re just big weights (ha).

i feel like the more time i spend with myself the more fucked up shit i come up with. maybe that’s why lonely people become depressed; because living with one’s own mind exposes them to musings that they don’t really want to muse about while all the other people out there are revelling in distractions.

maybe that’s all i need; a distraction. or several.

    • jwang
    • February 4th, 2010

    read more
    or alternatively
    eat more

  1. yes that theory is far too complex.
    perhaps you need to take a chill pill or…
    just get high

  2. i tihnk its theoretically possible to make everyone happy. youll just need a lot of weed

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