so trendy .

got back into lookbook today after a break of three months (and having a life). the first thing i noticed when i got on was the massive increase in hypes, both of the hot/top pages and in general; almost as if membership exploded while i was away.

i don’t know how to respond to growing trends; usually i ignore them, and occassionally if a band i like gets famous i’m happy for them since they can make more money from their music.

but trends like fashion, and interest in stuff that are labled “indie” confuse me a little.

most of the time i go along with things i think are awesome rather than the idea that they are socially accepted. i think its cool that other people will share my interests, but there is something disconcerting about it. first of all, the i-liked-that-band-first people will start bitching about it, and how uncool the newbies are. secondly, the newbies start whining that just because they got into it late it doesn’t mean they like it less. and thirdly, when something becomes too mainstream it eventually fucks up in the public eye and dies out, and i don’t want that to happen to stuff i like.

i’m conflicted because i feel that good indie stuff deserves to be recognised, yet nothing good deserves to be spoiled except for mainstream trash. so when does something cross the barrier from being “good” to being “popular” and then to being “good because it’s popular”?

and what if one day having one’s own opinion and expressing it became popular? what will everyone do then?

  1. then the world will end.

    in this world there are followers and there are leaders. the leaders are hardly ever recognised because of how headstrong and conscientious the followers are. yes they are followers but they like to think themselves trendy.

    you can never tell the difference between those who are trendy and those who copy the mannequin. fashion is a complicated thing. i dont even understand it myself. all i know is i hate posers. maybe fashion is a hypocritical art.

    • jwang
    • January 29th, 2010

    ‘It’s a testament to the human ego, the way we make our role as fan completely about us. It’s as if the art is the spiritual putty we need to patch up our sense of self. It’s such a one-sided, long distance relationship that the true motives often become confused. We’ve all had that hip friend asking if we’ve heard of The Obscures, their eyes burning with rage and glee when we decline. They are at once delighted that their secret remains safe, and exasperated that such genius remains undiscovered. How to solve the paradox of wanting a band to be big, but not too big.
    But the truth is, you’re the captain of your ship and if you feel like it’s yours then no one can take that away from you. Alternatively, no band is an island.’

    – Taken from Frankie Mar/Apr 2009

  2. Makes me think of when I went to a HORSE the band concert and they go, “Now for a song to separate the poseurs . . . from the fucking losers who listened to us too long.”

    The crowd went crazy; it was a nice moment where it didn’t matter who knew the band first.

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