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upon my commitment to return to university, i have found that i now truly know and understand the idea of being a poor student. i always thought that it only happened in movies; girls that strip to pay their college fees and boys that find out their girlfriends are strippers from going somewhere they shouldn’t be. fight ensues, as you can imagine, and etcetera, etcetera.

yet today, as i thought about my uni fees and the textbooks i must purchase, it all dawned on me: without parents, one is rather reluctant to purchase textbooks or pay for univeristy.

of course, our wonderful government allows us to repay our university fees, but the purchase of textbooks is rather imminent, and through my search of them and reflection on their impact on by bank account (last year i spent $400+ on textbooks) i realised that maybe stripping wasn’t such an exaggeration after all. i’m not quite there yet though; i think my telstra job pays well enough for me to survive, and a small portion can be dedicated to second hand textbooks without me starving to death.

it’s just that… although i’ve almost moved out for a year now, these things surprise me, and i can’t help but think that life would be so much easier if i could just spend up all my money and not expect to starve to death. i can’t help but realise that things would be so much easier if i had a credit card (that i didn’t have to pay for) to purchase all my essentials, and i can’t help but wonder if that’s being “spoilt” or just a normal twenty first century kid.

but if you’re wondering if i’m regretting my decision, the answer is simple; not a chance.

  1. so you do admit that happiness is better than having money?

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