mustard .

i have fallen in love… with masterfood’s smooth and creamy dijonnaise mustard.

i first had it yesterday as i browsed the aisles of coles for something to go with my chicken that i knew would be dry. we made eye contact and i decided to give it a chance. but the moment it touched my tongue i knew i’d made the right choice.

since yesterday’s lunch i haven’t stopped thinking about it. i know what you’re thinking; it’s probably just a phase. tomorrow i’ll fall for tomato sauce.

but i feel like this is the real deal. i don’t think i’ve ever felt this way about something before.

it’s like the whole world is trying to keep us apart, so i need to find ways for us to be together. this is another reason why i know it’s love; because i’ve given up so much just to have the mustard. i go out of my way to have it for lunch, and after lunch i think about how i can incorporate it into my dinner. soon it will be such an integral part of my life that i’ll never be able to let it go. it’s fast becoming an unhealthy obsession.

i want to ask where it’s been all my life, but i know it’s my own fault that we haven’t come together until now. i’d just never found it desirable; i never gave it a chance. and now it flies around in the centre of my universe, teasing and taunting me during the times we don’t spend together.

this isn’t like my past relationships. this isn’t even like my timtam relationship.

this is something that’s going to consume me.

  1. you should try a dog with tomato and mustard
    that’s usually where it comes in

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