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in real life i’m not really known as lizii. hardly any people call me that regularly; in reality my name is just a boring three lettered word. not that adding an i or two at the end helps that much.

lizii is my internet persona, and one which i have rooted pretty deeply, it seems. unlike my friends, you can not bring up any information on me if you search my full name. i think this may be attributed to the fact that i do not have facebook, but that is yet to be determined.

a google search or google image search of most (if not all) of my friends’ names, depending on how common their name is i guess, will bring up a picture or a facebook page within the first few pages of results. but you can scroll to page 100 and you’ll never find me.

however, if you google lizii, my wordpress blog (which is the one you are reading) will come up third, after various other lizis that have attempted to create themselves. yay for google recognising that i’m un-obscure!

furthermore, if you google image lizii, after a myriad of random shit comes up,  i debut on the second page with my wordpress avatar. by the time you hit page three, many things will come up about my life, including bits and pieces from my blog and also my lookbook, which i was so obsessed with for a little while. somewhere, way, way further down there are tim tams, a map of the world with china highlighed in red and eventually even a picture i used to use as a display picture although that’s probably just a coincidence.

it’s pretty interesting to know that one cannot stalk me simply by knowing my name, which also gives me the safety of not being vetoed my a prospective employer who stumbles upon pictures of my rowdy behaviour or me bitching about the industry they work in. not that i have either of those things, of course.

  1. lol thats always a good thing i suppose
    but i dont know
    i kind of like being stalked

    • jwang
    • January 16th, 2010

    stalking >=]

  2. i hear googling your own name is a sign of narcissism, but googling your aliases too you must be hella bored

  3. What?! You lied to me all this time?!

  4. it wasn’t a lie!

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