down the hill .

upon an extensive amount of reflection and the consideration of all three newton laws combined with the other laws of force in this world, i have come to a couple of conclusions.

i must admit they have also had a few external influences.

one. it is impossible to pick up an apple with your teeth from a barrel of water unless you corner the apple at the side of the barrel or if someone else is going for that same apple.

two. one’s body does not operate on a FIFO system, because sometimes when something goes in first, it is not necessarily the first thing to come out.

and finally, three. we are progressing too goddamn fast.

you may not believe me in either of these cases, but i keep getting this feeling that one day, not so far from now, technology is going to explode and all the things that were never supposed to happen (like apples shooting out of a barrel full of water into your mouth on their own accord) are going to happen. this thought crossed my mind as i realised the use of science (and possibly also the obsession with it) through so much of our contemporary culture. in the past week i’ve seen the films meet the robinsons, sherlock holmes, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, the prestige¬†and much, much more, and i have been increasingly affected by the amount of not quite invented technology that will possibly soon come to hand.

sometimes they tell us how we could fuck up the world by inventing something that might go wrong, but sometimes they also create wonder in what awaits in our future.

but all the while i’m thinking… when will we stop wanting more?

  1. humans are greedy so the wanting never stops.

    as for technology, thankfully we’ll be dead before it gets too advanced and goes irobot on all of our sorry asses.

    • Kevin
    • January 15th, 2010

    Agreed haha garmon when it’s irobot time we’ll be like 50 or 60 so we won’t be able to chuck a Will Smith on them xP

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