twenty ten .

oh my fucking god, it is 01.01.10. maybe that can be interpreted in some kind of binary code that tells us we’re going to die or something.

i’m awake because jess got picked up by her parents half an hour ago and i can no longer sleep, and in between washing the dishes and contemplating how to clean my vodka jelly filled picnic mat, i’ve decided it was time to blog. the first day of the year, i think, is inspirational enough.

out of the only three new years eves i’ve spent with my friends, i’d say this one was the worst. i don’t see anyone keeping their no drinking or no smoking resolutions when nye is full of everything they apparently abhor. maybe next time we’ll get it right.

i didn’t write down any proper resolutions this year, nor did i decide that this was the year i would take any kind of action. those things seem to come and go every year, and by the time the euphoria’s over, we’re always just left with life and how it always used to be. all that shit ’bout new beginnin’s don’t fool me.

so happy new year everyone! i hope that by tomorrow (after you all recover) that your new plans will have been put into motion, and you’ll be able to hold on to your resolutions for at least another three weeks.

i, however, will happily dance around and take everything as it comes, even though this has probably been the reason for my failure in everything i’ve previously aimed to do.

have a great 2010!

  1. fuck that shit
    i got faith that i will complete at least 3/4 of my resolutions
    i know it…and i feel it
    you just watch

    • jwang
    • January 4th, 2010

    THANKS LIZ!!!!!!!!!!
    for everything =DD

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