introspection .

2010 is rolling in fast, and i figured if we really only have two years left to live then we might as well just go for everything we’ve always wanted to do. but then most of the time goals aren’t set to be achieved but to be worked towards, and sometimes not even so much.

been d&m-ing a lot lately, mostly as a result of the aftermath of parties and too much alcohol, but during these d&ms i’ve realised that we only discuss superficial crap and not the stuff that really actually matters. i mean sure, i talk a lot about myself (bad habit), but what do i really reveal or discover?

and furthermore, what do people reveal and discover about me?

i feel like i need to quell these emotions and the desire to express them; become less outspoken, value my own opinion less and stop thinking that my ideas are stronger than those of other people just because they are vehemently voiced.

so for arguments sake, if i were to pursue this ideal in myself, i would probably just have to be less up myself. my conceit, i have found, is evident wherever there is a lapse in acknowledgement of it, but also in ideas that i freely express when i do not care to sound condescending. the second i am fine with, but the first i must endeavour to fix.

but in the end i feel like i’m just going to run around in a circle and reveal my true self in the end… whoever that is.

  1. i think in your own opinion matters the most
    because if you dont do that
    then you’re not really living your own life, right?

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