sway .

i have eight mosquito bites on my legs and a further four down my arms and i don’t know why i keep forgetting that sitting outside late at night is a bad idea. i’m terrible with not scratching mosquito bites, so i expect that i’ll have a number of painful scabs very soon.

in addition to my lack of common sense about the whole mosquito situation, i have found that i am a very talkative drunk and struggle not to divulge information about my entire existence while i’m in a tipsy but able to talk situation. i hope i don’t embarrass myself too much in the parties to come; one in particular.

it’s just so difficult when your inhibitions are lowered and you think really bitchy things as i sometimes do.

often you will see photos of people when they are obviously slightly intoxicated, and i’ve always thought that they look ridiculous and unappealing and i cannot imagine why one would be attracted to someone while they were drunk. i personally know myself to be laughing a little too hard while my eyelids are a little too heavy, and i’m sure that on facebook right now there are very unattractive shots of me doing god knows what (but nothing very bad, probably just swaying a little).

i’ve never thought about this before but i think repeated actions eventually led me to notice my failures in attempting to look sophisticated and poised most of the time. i think i’d rather be sophisticated than raving drunk and giggly, but my ability to bond those two together leaves much to be desired.

just let me practice for a little more.

    • {JOANNE
    • December 24th, 2009

    funny thing is there are people out there who PRETEND TO BE DRUNK.
    seriously? i don’t even know why they bother.
    hope you have a good xmas! you’ll be celebrating it earlier than me hehe :p

  1. maybe the wise choose not to drink?
    at least not outside their own homes

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