the season for giving .

two days ago i decided to purchase expensive christmas cards; the really pretty ones that look extremely elegant and have glitter and bits that stick out and claim they’re hand made, you know? so i stood at the newsagency trying to choose the nicest one, a little flustered at the variety of it all.

without a doubt, the hallmark ones are the best. i think hallmark is amazing and beautiful and overpriced, but my aim was to purchase something expensive so at least it would work out. but then something else struck me.

along with the pretty hallmark cards there were not as pretty cards that were the same price, similar to the type you can purchase at the supermarket in a fifty pack. the difference was that in the corner there was a charity sticker that said “buy this to help oxfam help children in 36 different countries around the world” or “help kids with sids” and crappy emotional blackmail like that.

i’m a sucker for emotional blackmail, so i stopped looking at the hallmark cards and tried to determine which charity to support by buying their not-so-great christmas cards.

in addition to this, at carols in the domain the other night some guy came around with a bucket and almost everyone in our group gave him our change. christmas is really a time for giving.

don’t these people feel guilty? they’re pouncing on people in their festive moods, targeting them at a time where they have extra money to spare, or have spent too much already because of the season. everyone knows that more people spend money around christmas, but this preemptive and well chosen time for emotional blackmail is just cold and calculating.

they should make charity branded luxury cars too, in hope that those with huge salaries purchase one out of their good will at christmas. oh wait, since when do the majority of rich people care about others anyway.

  1. when im rich i hope im not like that…or am i already like that?
    am i destined to be rich?!
    i hope so lol

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