superiority .

garmon mentioned something that caught my interest last night. he told me that when someone becomes -something- they begin to disrespect those from which they evolved. that might not be very clear, so allow me to illustrate with some examples. all condescension aside, of course.

exhibit a, the indie. the i-liked-that-band-first guy; the mainstream-trash-is-crap guy; the people that are only into what they deem to be enlightening. its very curious that when other people become enlightened, the object is no longer interesting.

exhibit b, the couple. the oh-i-wanna-set-you-up-with-this-guy-so-you-can-be-as-happy-as-i-am couple; the don’t-worry-it’ll-work-out-next-time-trust-me-i-know couple; the people who have become superior because they have what everyone else is searching for.

exhibit c, the human. the ha-i-have-a-bigger-brain-than-monkeys-and-i-can-wear-clothes race. the let’s-conquer-countries-that-are-less-advanced-than-us decisions. the inability to see animals as beings on the same level just because they have sex for pleasure and invented monetary transactions with a couple of paper notes.

and exhibit d, me. the eww-girls-that-chase-after-guys girl; the step-back-your-parents-still-give-you-money girl; showing a lack of interest in humanity and a complete disgust in stupidity.

it makes sense though; when you’re halfway from the finish line you feel sorry for those behind you, but those before you are around the bend feeling sorry for you. it’s just that you can never taste the victory because the track goes around in a circle and after a while you begin to lose track of where you’re placed.

  1. people need that though.

    because i’ve thought about it many times. and i realised that if the whole world caught up to me in music taste…life would be very boring because i’d have no one to detest. there would be no one who would liked miley cyrus and the jonas brothers…so then *shudder* i’d have to like them to be mainstream instead of indie…

    it’s fucked up

    • {JOANNE
    • December 21st, 2009

    i like the last paragraph 🙂
    my computer seems to lag epically when i go onto your blog nowadays i dunno why sucks cause it’s so hard for me to leave a comment =(

    • jwang
    • December 22nd, 2009

    ‘eww-girls-that-chase-after-guys girl; the step-back-your-parents-still-give-you-money girl’
    why are we friends LOL

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