spiritless .

i don’t remember the last time i looked forward to christmas. it must have been at least three years ago, if not more. because i know that in the past three years i’ve spent my christmas alone, sleeping, crying or bedridden with a sprain ankle with no christmas spirit what-so-ever.

in the past couple of years the tree went from being put up in october with glee to november with haste, and then december with a feeling of duty rather than excitement. this year i don’t have a tree at all, nor does my humble abode inhabit any christmas decorations.

and today i realised that christmas is indeed in two weeks, and i haven’t even started shopping for presents (which i usually start doing well before christmas because, let’s face it, it’s shopping).

this year, as usual, my wishlist comprises of nothing inexpensive and everything unaffordable. i’m hoping that my dad will come through and buy me windows 7 for christmas, but it’s probably a better idea for me to buy it myself just in case he doesn’t know. or maybe he can return my copy of vista and office 07 which i so stupidly didn’t take with me when i moved out. sigh.

so there’s really nothing to do except for throw a party (since my house is all furnished and finished) but even that i can’t really be bothered.

sorry about the dullness.

i am excited (and scared) about new years though!

  1. i can install windows 7 for you
    and why not spend christmas with me
    if you’ve no one else to turn to
    because my family isn’t really into the festive spirit either
    and their lack of effort rubs off on me

    • jwang
    • December 10th, 2009

    omg this made me realise we dont have our tree up either =O that has never happened =/

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