wrinkles .

i know my regular readers are going to accuse me of neglect, but in my defense i have been extremely lazy busy recently. as of right now i am in fact at work, sitting evasively at the back computer munching on a kilo of jelly snakes while i should be cleaning the benchtop or something.

i have slowly but surely developed an affinity with grilled fish, which i now eat for lunch almost every day, and my daily habits have swelled to push out internet surfing in my free time. when i checked my email, i had a record of 36 unread messages and only about half of them were junk or subscriptions.

it’s amazing that the year is ending and 2010 is beginning to near. in a mere four weeks or so we shall be launched into the year where i turn twenty. i mean TWENTY?!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!? fuck thirty five, i’m going to start lying about my age next year.

it’s pretty funny because i know a few girls that are about twenty six and they never tell anyone their age. they look about nineteen though (with make up of course), so i guess they’re lucky. when someone asks how old they are they smile shiftily and ask them to guess. my own cousin, who would be twenty four sometime this month, tells everyone that she’s twenty. i always thought it was to make up for the fact that she’s never had a job or a boyfriend, but i kind of understand it now. i’d never want to be more than twenty unless i had to be middle aged; there’s just a whole section of the high twenties and low thirties that we should just skip altogether. they’re not good for anything; if you’re searching for love no one your age really cares, and if you’re searching for work the employer would probably rather hire someone that can be paid less.

although i’ve always found it funny that women lie between their teeth and dust their wrinkled faces smooth, i have a feeling i will become one of them. anti-aging creams will one day turn into my most wanted obsessions, and facelifts will become a ritual. the need to preserve youth will forever be in my mind. vanity? yes sir.

wouldn’t it be nice if we could be eighteen forever?

  1. fuck eighteen.
    i wanna go back to five

  2. Glad to be a guy..LOL….Guys age gracefully..And look more fatherly as the years go by..

    James Ee

    • {JOANNE
    • December 16th, 2009

    this year went by waaaaaay fast.
    maybe it’s cause i only went uni for 3 days a week, 4 hours altogether just for tutes.
    and spend the rest of my days lazing around.
    damn =(

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