curtain close .

i don’t like the feeling when the lights go on after a movie and the credits roll. i don’t like it when the people in front of you start getting up and in the dim yellow light they look around at the mess they’ve made and guiltily leave it for someone else to clean. i don’t like it when you shuffle out of your row, trying to move past the people that are closer to the aisle. and i especially don’t like it when you are pulled out of someone else’s creation into the reality you must face by this sequence of events.

i think that this may be one of the reasons why i like films that make you think after the ending; as if you can dwell upon their ideas and ideals for a little longer. as if you can live in their dream and toy with their words in your head.

as if the suspension of disbelief can hold you for a little longer in its fantasy.

i watched 2012 today, which, i have to be honest, was a great film, but disappointed me. i believed that it captured and captivated, lingered on and showed emotions and ideals perfectly, but i thought it would explain and cause turmoil within one’s mind.

never having been one to look up conspiracy theories, i rely on propagandistic film and literature to bring me these stories. i was disappointed that i didn’t walk out of 2012 wondering whether we’d all be dead in three years; instead i pondered the importance of da vinci and picasso, and the ever so cliched crack between the two pointing fingers in the sistine chapel.

but, in the end, even though i was dying to pee, i was still disgruntled at being catapulted out of the story’s happy ending into my own world as the soft yellow lights turned on slowly allowing our eyes to adjust. and i have to say, it’s much harder to adjust to reality.

  1. I hate people getting up early also! Btw..Wrote an article about 2012..And whether we can predict the future (again)..LOL..

  2. Which is why watching movies alone in the comfort of your own room is much more satisfying than watching it with others in a cinema full of people noisly chatting bundled with a price tag and a possible headache

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