just because .

just because you like… doesn’t mean you must have.

just because you touch… doesn’t mean you must feel.

just because you make… doesn’t mean you create.

just because you dream… doesn’t mean it’s fake.

just because you look… doesn’t mean you see.

just because you realise… doesn’t mean you understand.

just because you leave… doesn’t mean you’re gone.
just because you smile… doesn’t mean there’s joy.

just because you believe… doesn’t mean it’s true.

just because you trust… doesn’t mean you’re safe.

just because you live… doesn’t mean you must hate.

just because you love… doesn’t mean you must hurt.

just because you fall… doesn’t mean you must break.

just because you said so… 

doesn’t mean you’ll stay.

  1. Are you writing the new Tao Te Jing? But I admit..the depth is really good! Love it! Like most of the rest of your writing! Wish I could write like you (a less boring style)..LOL

    James Ee

  2. This reminds me that other poem-ish thing a wrote.
    But yours has a nice depth to it
    Wonder what inspired you to write this?

    • {JOANNE
    • November 20th, 2009

    love how it ended.

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