back from my holiday!

found something curious as i was checking my stats the other day. click to enlarge.





which reminded me about how a while ago i found:





now i don’t really understand this, because i’m sure that there are many more websites with a “porn” label that are much more popular than my blog.

what i don’t understand even further is that when one runs a search on keywords, a description will come up of the website found, and this is how it comes up for my blog when i search lizi;


does that sound at all pornographic to you? i mean, sure it’s great to come up on the first page of a google search, but i don’t want it to be for those reasons. i don’t know what to do.

so i’ll just leave it there. back to normal daily life tomorrow.

  1. Wow..this is shocking..LOL..Tried checking your tags? It might be that one of your article was tag with the word!

    I couldn solve your riddle the other day..My sister did it (but she cheated!)

    Thanks for the insight!

    James Ee

  2. There was a riddle?
    And that’s what you get for tagging sex

  3. There was a riddle over at my blog..LOL..

    She gave me a really hard one..


    Take a look!

    James Ee

  4. She gave me a riddle over at my blog..LOL..

    A really hard one!

    Go Have a look!

    James Ee

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