pick, pick .

i’m not a compassionate, loving person. i don’t pretend to be. i don’t like a lot of things. i don’t like a lot of people. i’ve never, throughout my life, seen the best in people. in fact, a lot of the time i sift out bad parts of people who are probably very good. it’s not that i’m a mean spirited person; i was just born to be a critic.

flaws. they’re everywhere. i just can’t ignore them. in myself they’re ever noticable and prevalent. i know they’re there, i try to fix them, if i can’t then too bad. but in other people, errors jump out at me and cannot be overlooked until redeemed. a language fault, a malapropism, a slip in grammar, an error in judgement or just something stupid overall. big red sign glaring overhead.

i think that, one day, i should go into marketing and advertisers should hire me to pick out the faults in their campaigns. i’d tell them that there is a grammatical error in the fine print that allows misinterpretation; something the advertising executives always overlook. or i’ll tell them that their idea is just dumb, like the random just car insurance ads that leave everyone thinking “what the fuck” the first couple of times. i’ll tell them that it’s not a good idea to target the maniacs that will actually call up because they were converted by that ad.

i’ll make millions.

and then i’ll probably lose my job because i told the boss he was an asshole.

but i’ve always thought that when you have an opinion you say it. i know that i’m not the first person to ever have an idea, and i know that there are times when one should keep opinions to oneself, but if you don’t care about the people that it hurts and you feel like more people should understand your view of the truth then why not.

it’s just that most of the time my opinion isn’t the nicest idea to get into your head.

  1. i like your opinions.
    keeps my head out of my clouds

  2. *the

    • {JOANNE
    • November 13th, 2009

    ahahha lol @ the bit – “i’ll make millions.

    and then i’ll probably lose my job because i told the boss he was an asshole.”

    i get to know you better through your blogs liz =p hehe.

  3. Oh Lizi, this was such a funny piece! LOl..If I had alot of money, I would employ you to be my personal assistant and pay you millions for telling me all my flaws…

    Iam sure my company would make millions in return!


    Society needs critics! Just dont be too hard on yourself..

    James Ee

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