summer holiday .

i am pleasantly surprised (nor maybe not so much pleasantly as just surprised) that my wireless internet connection is much better here, on the gold coast, than at my home in sydney.

yes folks, you heard right. i am blogging from the gold coast with pristene internet connection. and right now i’m staring at a wine rack full of sealed mount franklin bottles; a scene which obviously belongs in someone’s garage.

i figured that it was about time i took myself on a holiday. although i miss my yearly trip to shanghai, (and all the shopping involved), it feels good to have tried something new. my asserted independence is strikingly bold, and this has been increasingly emphasised by my bus ride to the airport.

okay, now i sound like i’m writing an english essay.

so the last time i was up here i was about seven years old with my parents and my grandma, flying ansett. there’s not that much that i remember about the trip, apart from the fact that i was too cold to swim in the sea and my lips turned blue. there are also some photos which are supposed to trigger memory, but all they give me is an image of a thin, monkey-like little girl that’s way too cocky and thinks she dresses well.

sure, most of us have many memories from childhood, flashes of things and feelings for people etc. but i’ve found that the events those around us deemed important are not remembered with much light. until one reaches about ten years of age, one does not appreciate the things done to them or done for them, and therefore one should be able to do as they wish.

 it is a proposterous idea to expect a five year old child to enjoy disneyland and remember it as a trip worth the price that it cost. therefore this, combined with my dislike for children, leads me to the conclusion that they should not see daylight except for when travelling, and should definitely not be exposed to the public due to risk of ear drum damage and uncleanliness. it’s not like they’ll ever realise.

  1. I was expecting some finer details…but I guess I’ll just settle with your dislike for kids and your vaue memory of disneyland when you were a monkey

    • {JOANNE
    • November 13th, 2009

    so true – kids can’t remember anything at that age to appreciate it and be able to reflect back and enjoy the memories.

  2. You should check out the internet speed in Malaysia….It is below tortoise speed……

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