the forked road .

upon observing a rather attractive female cleaner in the toilets of world square shopping centre today, a very curious question became embedded in my mind.

i would think that even without fantastic english skills, a nice face, long curly hair and a decent rack can probably get a poor girl around five hundred per night, no toilet cleaning or sex involved.

which leads me to my question; would you rather be a stripper or a toilet cleaner?

now consider this hypothetical situation; you have no wealthy background, immigrated rather recently, probably need to pay bills or even school fees to gain an education, and have no real skills or ways of getting hired.

what would stop you donning some lingere and hopping over to kings cross to ask for a job? your family? your views? your conscience? your penis?

if you answered with the last one, you’re not involving yourself enough. or consider yourself to be a sexy and muscular dude with the same misfortunes trying to make a living. either will do.

so if you answered with a, that you’d be the stripper, you obviously have zero shame and care only for money. but is it your fault that you want to live comfortably without cleaning other people’s shit just so you can pay your rent? i’m sure a couple of nights a week dancing around a pole (or in a cage) would be sufficient for a nice apartment and money to send home to your relatives and extra classes. but how could you face society, and would you live in the fear of someone  you know entering the club?

and if you answered with b, the toilet cleaner, you must obviously not strive hard enough to find a better place for yourself, and in the midst of trying to make ends meet, what if one day something goes wrong? i mean, how does one advance from toilet cleaning? and more importantly, do you really have a sense of smell?

speculations would be very much appreciated.

    • jwang
    • November 6th, 2009

    with the added bonus of possibly blackmailing ur future boss…i know which strip clubs you hang out at so give me a pay rise NOW.

  1. I’d obviously choose to be a stripper.
    Although I’d mostly be surrounded by the girls that often and unfortunately plague my life
    I’m sure occasionally I’d be hired to do birthday parties and hens nights.
    Being a male stripper does have its perks.
    Unless you strip at a gay club.
    But I’d have to be friggin buff. Work as a cleaner to pay off some gym fees first lals

    • {JOANNE
    • November 6th, 2009

    yeah stripper is the easier way out – but toilet cleaner is the way to go. even if it is possibly one of the low classed jobs in society, at least you’ve preserved your dignity and value. that’s what i think, but then again, your last paragraph does pose a good question… but not like strippers can move up in society right? or can they…..
    oh nvm i just realised that shuqi (the chinese actress) used to be a porno star or something and now she’s a well-known actress.
    such is life, haha x)

  2. Depends on what the individual values..Personally, I consider both to be legitimate occupations..While we commonly think that the world is the way it is by choice, the reality is that it is the way it is not by our own choices!

    While I know this goes against the personal ethics of some people, I can’t help but pity the ‘choices’ some people have..

    James Ee

    • jwang
    • November 9th, 2009

    hey shuqi is pretty

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