relinquished .

it is so very difficult to move when one has so many possessions. too many clothes, too many hair accessories, too much trash, not enough shoes. when they’re being packed into a box, piece by piece, awaiting the arrival into my next life, i must consider if i want to bring them at all.

consequently, i find myself leaving a lot behind, sometimes to others and sometimes to landfill. when i evacuated my parents’ residence, i gave up my collection of hats and a great number of soft toys. i also overlooked the importance of some of the items i gave up, such as my (very expensive) suitcase and my sleeping bag. but time, rather than need and want, i think, will heal these voids.

one day i will hoarde meaningful possessions without having to throw them away. but until then, i know that i have learnt to part with them without pain.

this time as i taped up my cardboard boxes and endeavoured to puzzle piece my possessions to make the most of my space, i found myself leaving behind many sentimental things that i had brought for no purpose other than for the memories they held. birthday cards, letters and small pieces of ribbon i had collected and imagined myself to look lovingly upon in the future all made it to the “trash” pile, while only a small number of photographs and unforgettables were placed in a small shoebox as their prize for being so cherished.

or maybe there are just some things i won’t let myself forget.

now let me share with you a piece that i wrote back in the days of inspiration. it’s my favourite.


The word escapes from my lips

As it describes something

Beautiful, complete


The word gives the idea of something

Flawless, impeccable



Because as far as it goes

It stops before existence

    • {JOANNE
    • November 6th, 2009

    i gain so much insight from reading your blog liz ❤

  1. Lovely….It stops before existence….

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